Social Media is your influence.
Social Media is your authority.
Social Media showcases your BRAND.
Social Media taking over the world!

Everyone knows that social media is constantly evolving. Every single month, there are new tools, platforms, and features being developed which completely change the way we use and view social media. Let’s just say it can be overwhelming. Social Media is versatile, in the fact that you can connect with old relatives and friends, find people and places within your network, pursue job postings, post business advertisements, and so much more. Who knew social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn would be taking over the world?

With over 4 billion internet users, and almost 3.3 billion active social media users, in this day in age, everyone is using some sort of social media outlet. As a millennial, I wonder what I would do without social media. I stay connected with family and friends who live in other states. I get to post advertisements for my marketing company. I find leads for my real estate business. I shop through small businesses on Instagram. I find the best restaurants on Yelp, all from the touch of my fingertips. To me, social media is what helps me stay connected and up to date with what is going on in the world. Social media has changed my life and continues to help me grow.

What social media outlets do you use? And have they changed your life?