Looking for a quick ROI from those Marketing Dollars you have sitting around? Of course, you do, and that’s why you should be looking to invest those dollars into a platform that allows you to build marketing campaigns to the attributes of specific users. All too often, we talk with businesses that are stuck in the, “build it and they will come phase”. Yes, it’s a common phrase that many businesses fall victim to. The ideology makes sense, “I’ve got a product, and there’s a need”. So, If I build it, those that need my product will come. But only that were true.

Social media advertising or targeted social campaigns are online advertisements that focus on networking sites. These advertisements are distributed to users based on information gathered from target group profiles. With social media advertising, you can use the executing target demographics, new markets, and overall growth throughout the fulfillment of ads on social media.

To grow your business, you need to market. As stated above, yes you have a product, and yes there is a need for this product. But how do you get effective ROI from your efforts? Sure, you could go out and spend money on Google ads, you could invest heavily in SEO, join a bunch of Lead Groups, go old school with print ads, or you could turn your efforts to targeted social media campaigns.

Social Media Platforms have been collecting user data for years and years. This data is passed down to businesses as “user attributes”. As a business, I can select these attributes to market my products to. Choices for attributes can range from general (Age, Sex, Location), to detailed (interest, behaviors, groups). Allowing businesses to access the detailed attributes is where the greatest ROI’s are generated.

The goal of online advertising is to:
Generate Leads
Increase your visibility
Target specific audiences
Reach an engaged audience
Increase brand awareness & customer loyalty
Test Drive promotions

If you need your business to grow and reach more people, then let us set up targeted campaigns for you.