If only that were true. I have touched on this subject in a previous blog, but given the number of comments and side conversations, I believe that it deserves its own spot on the Cre8tive Media Solutions Page. If it weren’t for the movie Field of Dreams, I’m fairly certain that one-liner would never have made it mainstream. However, this mentality is fairly common in today’s society and most often I sense it from my Realtor friends. Yes, I called you out, but hey at least I didn’t call you out by name(s).

So you went to real estate school, you got your license, you hung your license with a broker, that broker provided some educational classes and even gave you a cool little CRM to track your potential clients. Just like that, you’re in business and you’re networking to gain some traction. In a months time, you’ve exhausted your sphere of influence and guess what….you’ve got little to no leads. It’s at this point in time where things can get a little tricky. What should your next move be?

Are you familiar with Paid Social Media Advertising or Pay Per Click Ads? For some of you, let me guess, you have done it, and very well succeeded. And for those of you who haven’t, that’s okay, there is plenty of time to get started and it’s a very simple process to learn. Pay Per Click or PPC is a process in which your advertisement will be displayed prior to search engine results. This campaign is designed to target specific users searching specific criteria.

The first step is an effective PPC campaign is knowing what your audience is searching. This process is called Keyword analysis. Don’t let the word analysis scare you. In fact, most search engines will give you the keywords most commonly used as part of the PPC campaign setup. From there you can add or delete any keywords for further optimization.

Let’s pick on our realtor group again and use them to set up a hypothetical user story. In this case, its people looking into purchasing a new home. Below is a national average I’ve been able to put together for this post. Once you’ve figured out what keywords are best, you can head on over to Google-ads and create your Paid Per Click Advertisement.

Let’s suppose you are in the Phoenix, AZ market and want your ad to be displayed to users searching any of the keywords listed below within a 40-mile radius. You will then select Phoenix as your location and add your radius. It’s that simple. At that point, the search engine will tell you your potential impressions, (How many times your add will be seen) and how many potential clicks (How many times your ad gets clicked on). The good news is, you only pay for the clicks on your ad. Once you like what you see, you can then determine how much money you would like to spend on this specific campaign. At that point, you are ready to get posting.

Let’s hope your website looks good, and you have some specific call to actions. It’s been, real Friends… Stay tuned for my next blog.
– Justin

Keyword Average Monthly Searches
Real estate 508,000
MLS 434,000
Houses for sale 394,000
Homes for sale 364,000
For sale by owner 210,000
Land for sale 123,000
Commercial real estate 87,000
Houses for sale near me 79,000
MLS listings 69,000
Foreclosure 65,000
Condos for sale 61,000
FSBO 56,000
Home for sale 47,000
Real estate license 45,000
Real estate agent 41,000
Realty 36,000
For sale 34,000
Homes for sale by owner 32,000
Foreclosed homes 31,000
Real estate school 25,000
MLS listing 24,000
Buying a house 22,000
Townhomes for sale 17,000
Home search 14,000
Houses for sale by owner 14,000